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I hate using the word heartbroken, because it reminds me of some sort of emo-filled teen angst song. But yes, he's been dating STD Nurse for eight months now, and he has no intention of changing that anytime soon.

He's sorry for leading me on and acting seductively, he says because of his "emotional idiocy", he didn't think what it would do to me.

Tactless, yes, but I was blown away that he'd tolerate once-a-month sex, considering he's ended relationships in the past because he didn't get once-a-day sex.

Interestingly, he also shared that if they were not dating, its possible he'd pursue something with me again.

Because there isn't any of sort incompatibility between us; just his own dumbass mistakes.

Supposedly he's telling STD Nurse his transgressions with me - namely, not telling her he was with me when he started fooling around with her, as well as his repeated attempts to get me to masturbate, because he "loved" getting me to that place so often. So I told Behinder today that he'd pulled one too many stunts with me.

Also supposedly, STD Nurse doesn't care, because its "not physical". He leveraged both our relationship and our friendship so he could date this woman, a deceitful, manipulative "sweet" girl.

I said I hoped the charade was all worth it, because he'd utterly humiliated me.He didn't deserve my love or friendship, even though he had both, unconditionally.If anyone has some good 'purge-the-ex' ideas, I'm all ears.I've run into Behinder now twice in two days, and it sucks. Although it might be fun to run into him when he's with the STD Nurse...I can think of a lot of things I'd love to tell her.Technorati Tags: Behinder, deal breakers, delusional, emotionally distant men, heartbroken, sex, std nurse [ viagra online | fluoxetine 60mg pills 7.00 | requip 0.5mg pills 360 pills 6.00 | adhd strattera 18mg pills 2.00 | persantine 100mg pills .00 | coversyl 4mg pills 6.00 | poker viagra | adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle 7.00 | overnight canadian viagra | primaquine 7.5mg pills 5.00 | advair diskus 500mcg inhaler 8.00 | lozol 2.5mg pills 8.00 | altace 10mg pills 5.00 | fluoxetine 20mg pills 8.00 | topamax 200mg pills .00 | ed trial packs viagra 100mg + cialis 20mg pills 20 .00 | buspirone 5mg 4.00 | breast success 90 capsules bottle 2.00 | indinavir 400mg pills 6.00 | celebrex 200mg pills 7.00 | viagra gay | provera 5mg pills 3.00 | relafen 500mg pills .00 | lopid 250mg pills 0.00 | buy viagra in canada | tadacip 10mg pills 4.00 | clozaril 100mg pills 0.00 | amoxicillin 375mg pills 5.00 | viagra soft 100mg pills 5.00 | soft viagra | sildenafil citrate 25mg pills 7.00 | vantin 200mg pills 8.00 | clonidine 0.15mg pills 4.00 | counterfeit viagra | chloroquine 500mg pills 8.00 | cefixime 50mg pills 1.00 | ed trial packs viagra 100mg + viagra super active 6.00 | biaxin 500mg pills 9.00 | viagra generic | arcoxia 90mg pills .00 | advair diskus 250mcg inhaler .00 | viagra sales | lopid 600mg pills 9.00 | remeron 30mg pills 0.00 | lowest price viagra | benicar 10mg pills 1.00 | estrace 2mg pills 3.00 | aygestin 5mg pills 8.00 | actos 15mg pills 4.00 | enalapril 20mg pills 5.00 | viagra suppliers in the uk | how viagra works | cialis generic | omnicef 300mg pills 1.00 ] So I had two people ask me to email them or post here the Christian Carter/newsletter clip I spoke of yesterday. I checked with Carter's folks, and they have no issue with me reprinting it, so here it is in its entirety.

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