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Note:- If you do not check Validate server certificate, user credentials are not protected by the EAP server certificate.The configuration of the Microsoft PEAP (EAP-MSCHAP v2) supplicant (available in Windows XP SP1 and later and in Windows 2000 SP4)Note:- For a computer to be successfully authenticated to a domain, the computer must be registered to the domain using a non-802.1X secured network (a wired connection) prior to attempting machine authentication with PEAP.

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When this options is checked, the user credentials cannot be changed because they are stored in the user's profile, whether using manually entered credentials or using Windows credentials. The client sends an EAP Start message to the access point2.

The access point replies with an EAP Request Identity message3.

The client sends its network access identifier (NAI), which is its username, to the access point in an EAP Response message4.

PEAP provides more security in authentication for 802.11 wireless local area networks that support 802.1X port access control.

PEAP authentication is managed between the PEAP supplicant and the authentication server (Radius).

In first phase the client authenticates the server using a TLS -Transport Layer Security, certificate-based mechanism.

This establishes an encrypted tunnel through which the second-phase PEAP credentials may be securely exchanged.

The parameters used by the client in negotiating PEAP authentication are configured through the Windows Device Manager properties.

PEAP is based on server side EAP-TLS authentication.

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