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In 2010, I Am Not a Human Being was released while Lil Wayne was incarcerated in New York. His first daughter, Reginae, was born in 1997 to Antonia.When it hit the top of the Billboard charts, it made him the second artist ever (after Tupac) to have a #1 album. He married his high school partner, Antonia Carter née Johnson on Valentine’s Day in 2004, but they divorced two years later. A decade later, he had a son with Sarah Vivan, a radio broadcaster. He had another son, Cameron, was born on September 9, 2009, to Lauren London, an actress best known for her roles on 90210 and Entourage.

However, Carter later took classes from the online University of Phoenix, majoring in psychology. Picture of Lil Wayne’s House In 2006, Dwayne Carter bought a 15,000ft2 mansion located on La Gorce Island in Miami, Beach Florida for around $11.6 million.

The unique residence, with nine bedrooms and a three bedroom guest house, even has a skate park on the roof.

Last spring, after people prank called SWAT officers to the house and started sending escorts there unsolicited, Carter put the house on the market.

Dwayne Carter Jr., better known as Lil Wayne, helped shape modern rap in more than one way.

While his music itself has been influential, his work with the label Young Money Cash Money (YMCY) has helped take control of hip-hop from traditional labels back into the hands of the musicians who make it. It’s also made him one of the wealthiest rappers around.

Lil Wayne entered the rap game when he was just eight years old, signing onto Cash Money Records just a year later.

At the time, he was almost a novelty; a child performing gangster rap.

Young Carter even accidentally shot himself when he was only twelve.

Since his childhood, he’s done a lot to prove he’s more than just a gimmick.

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