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It was early morning before sunrise, the morning light was stunning and there was a brilliant thick mist covering the clearing and surrounding the castle…

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Upstairs features too many bedrooms to count all individual in their features and designs as well as their decorations.

Lots of the furniture remains in situ, in the majority they have been left where they were originally found and remain in good condition. Leave me a comment below or hit the like button to let me know you’ve enjoyed the shots and to encourage me to keep posting more urbex photos 🙂 Canvas prints and regular prints are available for all of my urban exploration work just ask me about prices or check out some of the limited editions available in my store.

There did appear to be some evidence of looting and damage in the past but on the whole the castle is very well preserved, most likely owing to the good care and attention given to it by the owners and guardians of the place.

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Built in 1860, the Castle sits in the middle of a forest within a large estate grounds.

The Château is not technically abandoned, from what I have been able to establish, the property was left to a group of descendants who are unable to agree upon a single owner and as a result the castle is left empty.

Decay is starting to set in, especially within the upper floors where water is clearly breaching the flat roof.

The castle features a rectangular design with 4 corner turrets and over 340 windows, there is a large basement area and remains within the grounds of a former fortress which was once built on the site pre-dating the current castle building.

Visited with Donna, and also had the pleasure of meeting Jeremy Gibbs (Romany WG) and his son before we made our way to the site.

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