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The fourth installment of 'Raaz' took off in Sinaia four days ago with Emraan Hashmi and Kriti Kharbanda facing the camera for a scene which has them chatting in a hotel lobby. They look warm and comfortable, which is far from how it really is.

Emraan, who returns to the franchise three years after 'Raaz 3D', describes the climate shock, saying "straight out of the pan and into the refrigerator." It's winter in Romania and director Vikram Bhatt is filming in sub-zero temperatures.

"The hands freeze in 30 seconds," he says, drawing closer to the heater.

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On Monday it was minus 18, Emmi is frozen and so is Kriti," Vikram laughs.

Vikram Bhatt: The stories take me back to the boy I was He is all praise for the local crew who are hospitable and helpful, teaching their `brave' Indian counterparts how to survive the Transylvania winter.

"They are telling us what food to eat and how we can protect ourselves from the blizzards and biting cold.

The winter wear we brought with us from Mumbai packed up at the hotel reception," Vikram admits. "Having done many films in the South makes it easier for her," he adds.

Now, it's Tuica and Palinca alcoholic beverages distilled from plums for the B-townies. Gaurav Arora who makes his debut in Vikram's 'Love Games' plays a debonair banker who heads the East European Finance Consortium in 'Raaz Reboot'.

"The joke amongst the crew is Gaurav jab ayega thand main uski band bajegi.He is carrying something or the other for everyone since he is arriving late," laughs the director. Emraan plays a fashion photographer who has rehabilitated himself after a stint with drugs and alcohol abuse, not to mention a nasty temper. "The point being is the seemingly good bad or is the seemingly bad good," he says enigmatically, adding that this 'Raaz' looks like none of the films they've made before. In April, 2016, Richmond became the first city in Virginia to partner with the CPR crowdsourcing app Pulse Point, bringing their technology to our city.Across the US the incidence of sudden cardiac arrest is over 300,000/year, and survival rates are generally less than 10%.

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