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Then I was able to capitalize on over half of them, and the other half didn’t happen because I didn’t have enough time in that specific area.

Want meet phil ipines lady for doing web cam sex-9

There are many clubs and bars that you sit down at, if this is the case you are better off approaching on the dance floor.

This is where I absolutely destroyed the Philippines.

I hooked up with some of the hottest girls you could possibly get from the internet. On DIA you can only have one profile picture, spend some time and ask a girl to comb through your Facebook photos and find the picture that you look the most attractive.

I spent 3 months going from city to city meeting and hooking up with Philippinas. I have been to some untouched areas and now I will drop all my knowledge about this amazing country.

Philippines girls are small, light to brown skinned girls, with a variety of body types. Philippinos are known as the English teachers of Asia, so the language barrier is very small here. Girls are different and they are looking for different things than western girls.

They have small noses and the most white-like eyes of any Asian race. There is a 95% that girls here will be Catholic, so it's conservative but... I had to force myself to tone back my cocky personality.

Pinays are not as feminine as in many other Asian countries, but are still very feminine. You also do not want to come off as a player, these girls see the ideal guy as a provider.

It also depends on what area they live in as some conservative Philippinas are as feminine as it comes. Many have been dumped by previous playboy types that have come through town.

Also because girls here are Catholic you have to understand that these girls have been told all their lives that sex is bad, so game accordingly.

In Philippines day game is king, and handing out numbers is the most effective way to take advantage of that.

Almost every single number I handed out (About 7 during the day, 8 for 9 in clubs) texted me back.

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