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Is there anyway to get the control handle or other information with i can indentify a control having only TMessage variable? the thing im doing is that im hooking several controls wndproc with one function and i need to find what control message is that.

Begin Edit: Boolean; var i: integer; begin Result := True; for i := 0 to FEdit Count-1 do begin FEdit[i].

FOld Edit Proc[0](Message); end; function TProperty Edit Link. Cancel Edit: Boolean; var i: integer; begin Result := True; for i := 0 to FEdit Count-1 do begin FEdit[i].

Edit Window Proc(var Message: TMessage); begin case Message. End Edit Node; //else //FOld Edit Proc[0](Message); end; // HEREE i need to find the FEdit index!!!!!!! Window Proc := Edit Window Proc; end; end; function TProperty Edit Link. End Edit: Boolean; //var { Data: PProperty Data; Buffer: array[0..1024] of Char; S: Wide String; P: TPoint; Dummy: Integer; } begin { // Check if the place the user click on yields another node as the one we // are currently editing. Text; if length(node Data.name) = 0 then node := copy( node Data.value, 1, pos(' ', node Data.value)-1 ); end; end; if xml Node. Prop Tree Node Dbl Click(Sender: TBase Virtual Tree; const Hit Info: THit Info); begin with Sender do begin // Start immediate editing as soon as another node gets focused.

Free; end; inherited; end; procedure TProperty Edit Link. with FEdit as TCombo Box do begin Visible := False; Parent := Tree; Text := Data. Create(nil); with FEdit as TDate Time Picker do begin Visible := False; Parent := Tree; Cal Colors. Set Bounds(R: TRect); var Dummy: Integer; begin FTree. Text; end; ord('w'): // text begin node Type := xd Way Point; node Data.value := xml Node. Get Node Data(node); if Column = 0 then Cell Text := node else begin Cell Text := node Data.value; end; end; procedure TForm1.

Destroy; var i: integer; begin for i := 0 to FEdit Count-1 do begin FEdit[i]. Create(nil); // In reality this should be a drop down memo but this requires // a special control. Value); On Key Down := Edit Key Down; end; end; vt Date: begin FEdit := TDate Time Picker. Process Message(var Message: TMessage); begin FEdit[0]. Window Proc(Message); end; procedure TProperty Edit Link. Text; end; ord('t'): // text begin node Type := xd Text; node Data.value := xml Node. Prop Tree Get Text(Sender: TBase Virtual Tree; Node: PVirtual Node; Column: TColumn Index; Text Type: TVSTText Type; var Cell Text: string); var node Data: ^TTree Data; begin node Data := Sender. Parent Root Node) and not (ts Incremental Searching in Tree States) then begin // Note: the test whether a node can really be edited is done in the On Editing event.

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