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[Editor's Note: For a limited time, Net Nanny is offering Next Advisor visitors the .99 discounted price for a one-year license.

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Its customer support team is super responsive, which made it easy to give the software a 5-star rating.

An annual license with Net Nanny costs $39.99/year (or $29.99/year with Next Advisor's discount) with the option to add additional computers or devices for $19.99/device.

Net Nanny also offers bundles with better rates for multiple devices, which it calls the Family Protection Pass.

There are three different plans with the Family Protection Pass depending on how many devices you'd like to cover with the software.

Five computers or devices costs $59.99/year, 10 computers or devices costs $89.99/year and 15 computers or devices costs $119.99/year.

This is the better option to go with if you need to cover more than one to two devices, as it gives you a much better deal, opposed to paying an additional .99/year for each additional device.Additionally, it does offer a 14-day free trial to test the software out.Also, with the Family Protection Pass, you get a free, one-year license with Net Nanny's social networking tool called Net Nanny Social; this is a more extensive social networks monitoring tool that normally costs .99/year (without the Family Protection Pass).It's a web-based platform, so no additional software is required.Unlike the social monitoring feature on Net Nanny, Net Nanny Social monitors more than just your child's Facebook.This add-on feature monitors a child's friends, pictures and posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+ and Linked In.

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