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Mini nutrition assessment (MNA) was found to be the most extensively evaluated method of nutritional assessment for geriatrics settings even if there is no gold standard method to assess nutritional status of elderly.

However, MNA has not been validated among Ethiopian elderly.

Therefore, the present study examined whether full MNA can identify malnutrition and risk of malnutrition in elderly population living in urban community of Hawassa city, Southern Ethiopia.

Simple random sampling method was employed to select eligible elderly after preparing sampling frame.

Those with visible deformity of extremities were excluded. Reliability of the MNA was calculated using coefficient of Cronbach’s α and Spearman’s rank association between total MNA score & eighteen items of MNA.

Overall accuracy, sensitivity and specificity of the MNA were estimated using ROC curve.

Youden index was also used to determine the best cut-off point.

MNA with its established cut-off points may fit for Ethiopian elderly populations even if it needs modulation with the cut-off point.

Further exhaustive research is needed to validate the Mini Nutrition Assessment tool using dietary and clinical data. If malnutritionis not intervened in its early stage amongelderly population it can result in various negative health outcomessuch as morbidity, poor quality of life and impaired functional autonomy [].Assessment of the nutritional status among elderly includes both biochemical and anthropometric measurements.However; using these two measurements together to assess nutritional status of a large number of elderly is not feasible [].Mini Nutrition Assessment (MNA) tool contains geriatric-related assessment questions specific to nutritional and health conditions, autonomy, quality of life, cognition, mobility and personal health [].Full MNA is composed of 18 questions which are divided in to four main categories; dietary assessment, subjective assessment, global assessment and anthropometric data.MNA gives a maximum of 30 points and it classifies the elderly in: malnourished (MNA ].

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