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A company called Evercontact has just launched a new app that allows you to automatically update your i Phone’s address book with new contact information extracted from email signature lines.

Online, you get started with Evercontact by authenticating with your Google account, and then the service works silently in the background, analyzing and detecting the contact information found in your incoming email.

It uses this information to update your address book entries with things like name changes, new tiles, jobs, email addresses, phone numbers, faxes, addresses and more.

You can also optionally buy a feature called “Flashback” that will scan your past email from 1 to 5 years back to update contact information for those entries you never had time to deal with before.

(Disclosure: I bought this too.) Now, the same service has come to i OS.

Here, Evercontact’s technology works much has it did before, but users have a bit more visibility into the changes it’s suggesting.

The simple app will continue to scan your incoming email, and lets you approve all the changes before saving.

While i OS itself offers some basic functionality that lets you tap to add email contacts to your address book, Evercontact is able to parse more information – basically, it can read anything that’s contained in the email signature, including social media profiles.

It can even automatically internationalize phone numbers and link with contacts on Linked In.

The app is similar to one we came across just last week called Contact Saver, which does much of the same thing, and is focused on allowing users to manually approve the updates.

Similarly, Evercontact is also focused on those who want more control over when or if their address books are updated.

Contact Saver is currently a free service with plans to charge for CRM integrations, but Evercontact only offers a free, 30-day trial.

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