Lonely wives video chat rooms - Updating awstats

In our case a txt file in the statdata directory is updated or created. Enter the URL to your program and the name of the config you want to use. In this article we'll explain the process of manually updating your Awstats reports with the most current data.

Using the steps below will allow you to update your own stat reports in Awstats, allowing you to see your most recent visitor data without having to submit a support ticket to have this updated from our end. Since it does take some time to run (sometimes 20-30 minutes), it could still be generating.

If it has already been longer than that, and it is still not updated.

Please contact Live Support, so they can investigate this issue further.

Sometimes, if the processor load is high or if there is too much memory usage, the virtualization software will kill off a running process to keep your VPS within it's resource limits.

The awstats database, which is really a collection of text files, needs to be created/updated before any statistics can be viewed.

We have made the AWStats database in the statdata directory.

When a database is updated AWStats creates a backup with the extension.

The database directory is specified in the config file's Dir Data entry.

Regardless of where invoked, the update process reads the log file (specified in config's Log File entry), parses it, and creates/updates a text file in Dir Data. Once a monthly database file has been updated, it does not have to be updated again; it can be viewed in the main AWStats screen by selecting the corresponding Reported period month and year.

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