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It takes a huge commitment to really free ourselves from conditioning and to let go of patterns and ‘adult shields’ that are holding us back.

Don’t you agree that in general children look more happy and radiant?

The overall aim of The New Tantra is to help you to access your full potential of free thinking adult intelligence, while regaining the innocent happiness of childhood.

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This way we keep our teachings practical, realistic and verifiable.

We also choose this approach so we can develop tools and techniques that bring committed practitioners lasting effects.

Have a look at our 10-step programme to get an idea of the vast amount of ‘fast track to happiness’ tools that we offer.

An account creation is a must in dating sites as they only serve members and non-clients.

Easy access to the Internet has led to an explosion of online dating services.

Christian online websites are of different types There is no shortage of Christian dating services online to various sections of the Christian community as Catholic, Protestant, Methodist, Lutheran.

This means that if you sign looking for an online dating partner they can not guarantee that you speak with.

Are you happy and relaxed, living in flow, manifesting your life’s purpose and enjoying healthy relationships?

Or are you stuck in mind-fucks and old behaviour patterns?

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