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Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s Teen Programs provide meaningful life experiences that inspire teens to take conservation action both on and off zoo grounds through education, leadership, stewardship and environmental exploration.

These Teen Programs combine hands on: We offer three teen program tracks, Zoo Crew Explorers, Teen Leaders and Junior Zoo Keepers, and each track has the option of participating in our outdoor adventure programming occurring throughout the summer.

Exploration, Conservation, and Education Stations: Engaging guests in different activities, games, and presentations focusing on Conservation and Education.

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Ed Venture Program: Crew members have the opportunity to join us for Ed Venture trips that occur throughout the summer months.

On average there will be 3 trips offered a month, anything from white water rafting, zip lining, hiking, survival skills, primitive skills, crafting, climbing biking, laser tag, and opportunities to travel internationally.

The Loft: Assisting the animal keepers with basic husbandry skills, program participants will interact with Zoo guests while preparing diets, making treats for the animals or creating fun crafts.

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