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No matter what the occasion, this dress is the go-to choice.

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American Vogue ran a small sketch of the dress along with the prediction that it is the frock that all the world will wear.

Chanel was fond of saying, “One is never over nor underdressed in a little black dress.

The cocktail dress is a bit more polished and refined than a dress normally worn during the day.

In today's modern world, women can wear nearly any kind of clothing they desire.

However, when a lady decides to wear a dress, she has many different styles to choose from.

A selection of dresses in one's closet makes it easy to feel at home, no matter what the occasion.From a little black dress for dinner out on a date to a simple shift dress for antiques shopping with friends, the options are endless.Some women think they cannot wear dresses because of a perceived flaw.There are so many styles; however, that everyone can find something that suits them.Although dresses are availablein numerous department stores, boutiques, and fashion shops, e Bay's huge selection makes shopping for different dress styles easy and fun.The ubiquitous little black dress is a must-have for every woman.

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