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The Confederate flag has racial undertones, and it is irony in the worst form, as Paris’ father is black.Fans have taken to social media to discuss their distaste for the drummers tattoo choices as many southern states are removing the vestiges of Confederate symbols from public view.According to , Snoddy has wanted that tattoo since middle school, despite that flag sparking fierce debates in recent years.

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She believed Debbie Rowe and an unnamed man were their biological parents.

reported “Paris’s family are extremely worried about her and the relationship.” Despite her trying to clean up her act.

After her break up with Castellaw she cut her hair super short and dyed it blonde. And finally, dating Snoddy, who proudly sports a Confederate Flag tattoo. Family member claim Paris Jackson has already expressed her love for Michael Snoddy and it’s only been two weeks.

Paris Jackson is the daughter of late singing sensation Michael Jackson.

Social media covered many of the events of her 18th birthday, including her tattoo tribute to her father.

In Michael Jackson’s simple scribble, it reads, “Queen of My Heart.” Paris Jackson was only 11-years-old when Michael Jackson died in 2009.Justin Lewis of Timeless Tattoo in Los Angeles had the honor of inking the 18-year-old for her birthday.She got a second tattoo in tribute to her grandmother, Katherine, on the inside of her wrist.With social media focusing on the profound meaning behind her tattoos, it comes as no surprise that social media would also focus on the tattoos of her new beau, Street Drum Corp drummer Michael Snoddy.The 26-year-old musician showed off his tattoos, including one of the Confederate flag.Some of Jackson’s family members fear she is dating a racist.

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