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I had been looking for another No7 Jointing plane for my group participants to use.I came across one at my local markets recently, which I snapped up for AUD .A good price for a "user"- but there was something about this plane which seemed odd, and I just couldn't put my finger on it at the time.

Stanley bought the patents for the adjustable metal plane from Leonard Bailey in the 1860s.

The name Bailey was later cast into the plane bases in front of the knob in honour of Mr Bailey.

The name Stanley does not appear anywhere on the plane, except for on the plane iron.

The iron (blade) lettering says it was made in Australia by Stanley.

The Stanley Works in Australia was located in the southern state, Tasmania.

By digging around on the internet across a range of sites, I was able to put together a few clues as to the age of the plane.

While I can't claim to be 100% accurate, I reckon the following information is pretty close to the mark. I am always fascinated with old tools and the stories behind them.

Of course, there is no way of knowing that all the parts are the original!

Hence it is worth checking out a range of attributes of this mystery plane. The frog design and the frog receiver cast and machined on the plane base was Stanleys third design, and was patented in 1902.

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