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His response's are very short (unless its about riding) and sometimes skirts about my question without really answering it. I know he cares about me and that we have strong feelings for each other, I just wish he would open up more about himself and tell me that Im his only. His reaction is a typical Taurus reaction when there is uncertainty. 1st red flag: "Everything was going good and I had to back out due to my ex." 2nd red flag: Communicating personal feelings via text. I like the way you've helped me not focus on my broken heart from my breakup.

His response was, lets see what happens, but told me that he did not have his children this weekend.... Bull I did what you stated and called instead of txt, asked him if he had plans he states nothing set in stone, so I ask if he wants company he says maybe later (everything is maybe) so I told him well give me a call if you want me come over, I let him decide what were going to do.

So I mention how about this weekend, I can come over make dinner, we can watch a movie and such.

He was harsh last week so I ignored him for a couple days and he ended up txting me midweek asking how work was going and that he wish I was off when he was so we could take a shower together and so on.

by Dawn (Bellevue) I'm a Leo lady and older then my Taurus Ok first we started seeing each other last year around march, I was in the process of a divorce and he had only been divorced less then a year. Offer to cook him dinner (enough with the bike riding convos, you clearly don't want to be in the friendship zone). Be real affectionate with him, tell him how you feel about him in person. I also told him about my feelings and asked why he only has me over every 2-3 weeks and he states that he wants to make sure I'm going to be commited, I told him that I was not going to go anywhere unless he said otherwise. What I dont get is I called saturday and nothing, I sent a small txt later that nite saying miss you and let him be for the rest of the night.

We slept together right away (seemed we had this magnetic connection) everything was going good and then I had to back away due to my ex. I didnt try to contact him unil late afternoon Sunday about going to see a movie that coming out this month and he says...maybe....

We started talking again in December and decided to take it slow he stood me up for a date (which hurt but I got over it) Then we got together on New Years Day and it was as if the time apart just made our bond even better. Can i politely tell you what a "maybe" means to this man?

The thing is he's so hot and cold, one minute im his doll and then turns around and ignores me the next. Maybe i will see you tonight/next week/next century IF NOTHING/NOBODY BETTER WILL COME MY WAY.

He will give me this look that says I want you now! We're not the sharing type, and we certainly don't want to share your heart with an ex. We will continue to be hesitant until you're 100% sure you want to be with us. Anyone can express their feelings via text, but not everyone can express their feelings in person. He is either a very lonely and lazy man who doesn't mind others cooking for him or a very weak one who can not say NO to others. You say he does not even reply to your text messages?

But he's so mysterious, will hardly open up to me unless I bring up bike riding (which he loves). Expressing yourself via text to us is insincere and quite cowardly. If you want to ger closer to your Taurus, don't tell him, show him. Not only he doesn't give a damn about you but also is incredibly rude! Now repeat after me: " I just can't see the writing on the wall"! He is a great lover, very comfortable but not readly to move beyond his divorce on to the next relationship.

He very rarely contacts me first, he never kisses me first. You have to state that you need a certain level of committment to continue to be with him.

Ignores some of my txt messages especially if its personal or about our feeling towards one another. Boyfriend/dating, you are female and stop swooning over him and be specific like a guy.

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