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Each Sunday we have the pleasure to invite a worker from our own church, other NSAC churches or external speakers to share their spiritual knowledge with us. Services are held each Sunday at 10.30 AM Click here for a detailed schedule of speakers in the near future.

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The Augusta Spiritualist Church has been serving its community since 1909, when it started as a home circle, and they held services and classes since 1925 at its former site on the corner of Perham and Court streets. Sunday Services 10.30 am Click here for schedule Thursday Awareness Classes -pm Click here for schedule Download our current newsletter Spiritualism is not only a Religion that has a tremendous history dating back through eons of time - Modern Spiritualism (considered the New Dispensation of Spirit Communication) dates back to March 31 1848 with the communication by a murdered pedlar (Charles B.

Rosna) to teenage girls (Fox sister's) in Hydesville, but it also provides opportunities to educate us about a more spiritual life.

It provides education in the wonders of Natural Law and the workings of the Spirit Realm.

As Spiritualists we believe in God (contrary to the beliefs of many regarding us) but we believe in God as a Divine energy (Infinite Intelligence) that is part of all that exists.

That we are a representation of God's creation, that God is within us and that the Teaching's of Jesus regarding compassion and Love are paramount.

We also believe in for our actions and that we manifest our existence as a result of those actions (see our Declarations of Principles).

Beyond this belief we also recognize that after the physical death life continues (Continuity of Life) in the Spirit World and that we have Spirit Guides available to us during this time on Earth if we choose to learn the communication process with Spirit.

These Spirit Guides can be relatives or friends and may even come from different backgrounds of culture, religious orientation (Native Americans, Buddhists, Taoists, Greek Philosophers, Ancient Masters) - there are no boundaries to support from the Spirit side of Life except our individual beliefs and mental fears which are of our own creation.

They (Spirit) all have one thing in common - to be of service to provide guidance and influence for our betterment.

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