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More often times than not, we can expect Lee Kwang Soo to drop bombs on the female guests of 'Running Man,' especially if they're friends, and not care much about the stars' image - but there are times when you know he's genuinely a kind-hearted person.

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Han Jung Soo is a Korean actor who was born on November 20th, 1974 in Seoul, South Korea.

He studied theater at the Seoul Institute of the Arts in order to hone his acting skills.

Soon, ha yeon soo will be the one looking toward yong jun hyung, instead of it being the other way around..

Takuya said “ha yeonsoo is my ideal tipe” when he was in the tv show “dating alone".

B2st's junhyung and ha yeon soo made fans squeal with their teenage romance while parodying the 'cappuccino foam kiss' from 'secret garden' on the latest episode of their drama 'monstar'. echinodermata characteristics yahoo dating, test z wiedzy do policji online dating, kekasih aktor so ji sub dating Only that is my world / march with yong joon hyung, kang ha neul, kang eui shik, da hee, kim min young, & park kyu sun - monstar ost (2013).

I can't say ha yeon soo and yong jun hyung have chemistry to blow me away, which makes sense since they are playing high school. Ha yeon soo of the drama "monstar" recently revealed her thoughts on her co-star, beast's yong jun hyung. 2014年9月8日 Official stills of gong yoo and jung yumi guest-starring in cyrano dating agency. "ha yeon soo talks about burden of being b2st's yong jun hyung's love interest in monstar".Seol chan, however, starts to act prickly in front of sei because he′s afraid she will start dating sun woo.4) he has no chance of dating his "monstar" co-star ha yeon soo but that's okay.When she was asked if she preferred her co-star yong junhyung of beast or kang ha neul, she said neither actor was her type. According to producer kang hee jung, "the scene appears in the third episode of the drama, but it was actually the first scene that yong jun hyung and ha yeon soo shot together.

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