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The Praying Indians were evicted from their plantation during King Philip's War, and most did not return even after the war ended.The first European settlement of the Hudson area occurred in 1699 when settler John Barnes, who had been granted an acre of the Ockookangansett Indian plantation the year before, built a gristmill on the Assabet River on land that would one day be part of Hudson.

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The town of Hudson had two train stations, originally operated by the Central Massachusetts Railroad Company and later by Boston & Maine, until both of them were closed in 1965.

This allowed the development of larger factories, some of the first in the country to use steam power and sewing machines.

By 1860, Feltonville had 17 shoe and shoe-related factories, which attracted immigrants from Ireland and French Canada.

Hudson is a town in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States.

Before its incorporation as a town in 1866, Hudson was a neighborhood and unincorporated village within the town of Marlborough, Massachusetts, and was known as Feltonville, and before that, known as Eastborough.

From around 1850 until the last shoe factory burned down in 1968, many of them powered by the Assabet River, which runs through town.Because of the many factories in Hudson, immigrants were attracted to the town.Today, most people are of either Portuguese or Irish descent, with a smaller percentage of people being of French, Italian, English, or Scots-Irish descent.Hudson is served by the Hudson Public Schools district.For geographic and demographic information on the census-designated place Hudson, please see the article Hudson (CDP), Massachusetts.In 1650, the area that would become Hudson was part of the Indian Plantation for the Praying Indians.

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