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This was the end of our relationship, as she saw multiple instances of me discussing banging chicks with guy friends of mine over text, as well as texts from girls saying shit like “had a great time last night” bla bla….

So basically, the relationship was over then and there.

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She used to lay guilt trips on me all the time about that nonsense and it’s nice to be single when you don’t have to hear any of that stuff.

About a month after we broke up, I ended up moving to another city because it sounded like a fun place to live and now I’m fucking killing it.

Bouncing between Vegas and LA, I have 3 hot fuck buddies who come over every couple days whenever I feel like inviting them, and business is better than ever to boot. Because she still calls me every so often from her house line to tell me that she misses me and to complain about what a fag this guy is. I feel like I murdered the only person in the world that I truly love. I’m sitting on my bed with tears in my eyes and my chest is sunken, and I just did this all to myself. I met my girlfriend on an internet dating site in early December 2009.

Well, that last post is pretty damn embarrassing to read (I start cringing and then don’t read more than the first sentence or so) now that it’s almost an entire year later.

Funny how life has its ups and downs, that was apparently a pretty down segment for me. We ended up talking on the phone a couple days later and decided to have a “break” but where we’d see each other once or twice a week because we both missed each other.

I banged a couple chicks during this period and it worked out pretty awesomely because I didn’t have to hear any bullshit about whether or not I was banging other women, etc., because it was assumed that I was, and she could too.

That was fine with me because I try not to have a double standard, if I’m gonna be fucking other people then she should be able to as well.

Anyway, that resulted in her putting the pressure on me again after a few months and getting a full relationship status once again.

That was nice for about a week and then it started to be annoying again and I continued banging chicks on the side, really only one night stands though it’s not like I was dating anybody else.

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