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Russia has its own notions of friendship which does not match European and Asian standards.One of most frequent observations of foreign visitors to Russia is the contrasting behavior of the locals.

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Friendship 'Russian way' is much more then just meeting occasionally to have good time with, go out or have dinner.

A friend is someone who will do anything for you, but who also expects you to be there for them no matter what.

A friend listens to you, lends you money if you need, can drop in any time, comes to move furniture, knows most of your life and loves you for what you are.

A friend is someone who listens to your problems and lets you pour out your soul.

This is probably the reason, why Russians rarely go to psychologists or psychiatrists – a friend’s talk can solve many problems.

Russian national character means sharing problems and misfortune with more willingness than own luck and success.

(This is not a friend who feasts with you, but the one who helps in need.) The words of wisdom are proved by the data of the opinion poll.

40% of Russians says a friendship is mutual help, loyalty and readiness to sacrifice.

30% of the respondents named trust, decency and sincerely as the fundamentals of friendship.

Only 15 % mentioned common interests and hobbies and 9% of country’s nationals consider that leisure and past time spent together are enough to call each other friends.

The poll data shows that Russians set high standards for friendship, are ready to give much and require the same in return.

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