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My son is only four, but with the speed at which children grow up these days, it won’t be long before he starts going on dates. (If you have a daughter, try these or these, from much nicer people than me.) He’s a friendly, good-looking kid, so I don’t blame you for being interested. Second things second, I love my son, even though he’s currently screaming bloody murder because I didn’t slice his pizza correctly, and if you ever do anything to make him scream like he’s screaming right now ? I’m the adult here, and I have decades of life experience that have taught me, among many other things, that making threats of violence to teenagers is a not a reasonable thing to do. I don’t even have a watergun, let alone an arsenal of weapons with which to frighten youngsters, because that’s just f*@#ing nutso. Just be a decent human being and we should be good.

Yes, I obviously have my son’s best interests at heart and don’t want him to get hurt or to be taken advantage of, but that doesn’t mean I should be aggressively warning people – children, no less! Seriously, my kid is a really nice person, and if I do my job correctly, he’ll remain one.

So I don’t think I really need to give someone else’s kid “rules for dating my son.” Hopefully your parents have already taught you some rules of their own. Don’t give it another thought, and let’s get back to some honest, open communication.

I know I’ll have taught my son the important stuff, so that by the time you start making googly eyes at him, he’ll be respectful and kind and honest, but also loyal and brave and tolerant and accepting. It’s the foundation of any good relationship, and totally bullet-free. No, I’m not going to threaten you physically or verbally or even with sign language.

He’ll be the type of person who will stand up for himself, and who will stand up for others, if need be.

In which case he’ll barely need me to provide such ground rules to anyone who wishes to share intimate moments with him. I may even be insane, because threatening children with lethal weapons is not something a sane person does.

And he raised my son well if he needs an arsenal to defend himself from a teenager with a crush.

I, and the rest of the planet, have seen this photo going around social media like wild fire the last few days.

It gave me a chuckle as I pictured the over-protective daddy wearing that shirt. I have sons, not daughters, and they’ve got one over-protective Mama too!

My boys are every bit as precious and awesome and wonderful as your little princess, Mr. Matter of fact, they are so amazing, I think we need to set a few ground rules for dating my son!

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