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The six new Pokémon include Pancham, Pangoro, Inkay, Malamar, Swirlix and Spritzee.

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The rumors of this addition have been floating around for a few months, but this is our first official confirmation on Fairy types in .

Two new Pokemon were also revealed: Vivillon, which looks like a butterfly and is a Bug/Flying type; and Noivern, who resembles a large bat and is a Flying/Dragon type.

We will share more information on these new Pokemon as it comes.

Finally, as seen in the trailer in the header of this article, is the addition of Pokemon-Amie.

This looks to be a new, more personal way to interact and bond with your Pokemon in-game using the 3DS camera and touch screen.

We are now at the start of another week and unfortunately there is still no sign of a Pokemon X and Y Pokebank release date for US and UK gamers.Nintendo are remaining silent and we’ve noticed that some naughty users online have decided to take the delay into their own hands.It goes without saying that Nintendo are really stretching out this delay now.We have been keeping you up to date with the latest progress on the Pokebank, but at the time of writing it still remains unavailable for download for all users outside of Japan.Twitter can be a cruel place sometimes and we have the latest evidence of that below.One user has attempted to tease everyone in the worst way, by posing as the official Pokemon channel.

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