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Johann Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press in the 15th century is universally considered to be among the most important inventions in history.Gutenberg’s press opened up a world of information previously inaccessible to the mass citizenry, facilitating an information revolution that led to the scientific, artistic and cultural advances of the Renaissance.

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Most obviously, the rise of the Internet has shot holes in the industry’s business model and called into question its very future.

In central Illinois, the has long been the region’s unrivaled source of local journalism, and that remains the case today, in spite of a reduction in staff and coverage in recent years. We caught up with seven former employees, who reflected on their departures and offered their candid thoughts on the future of newspapers and journalism, paywalls, local control of media, and more. I retired from the Journal Star in 1992 under happy circumstances.

Those who remain are working harder than ever, doing the best they can as the paper and its parent company, Gate House Media, grapple with a range of thorny issues, many of which lie beyond its control. JERRY KLEINMusic, theater and art critic; movie and restaurant reviewer; feature writer, columnist and editorial writer; 39 years at in 1953, I worked as a surveyor and road man for the Illinois Highway Department. Retirement pay was negligible, but ESOP was a blessing.

I had a surprise retirement party on the deck of Gary Koch’s restaurant, The Lighthouse, along the river on Rome Road and another in the PJS newsroom.

Describe your career after leaving the until I was “terminated” about three years ago because of the paper’s financial condition.

They allowed me to write a farewell column, but changed it to imply I retired rather than being dismissed. I have a regular column in the , and I am presently writing a history of the Peoria Symphony Guild.What are your thoughts on the future of newspapers?I’m afraid newspapers are facing an uncertain future. Look at all the weeklies cropping up and look at the which survives and grows because of darned good writing and interesting stories.My generation still insists on reading a real newspaper (not online) with their morning coffee, but young people are simply not in the habit of reading newspapers. I think the Journal Star was a much better paper when it was locally owned. In January 1998, I was named Lifestyles editor and remained in that position for seven years.It now seems to be run by bean counters and staffed by a skeleton crew. In September 2005, I was named state editor, overseeing what was then the paper’s 14-county coverage area outside the Tri-County.That coverage area has since been reduced dramatically.

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