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The Jonathan Ross Show, tomorrow night on ITV at 9.20pm.

beauty of her February split, “You remarried someone you were married to before.” “Yep — and now I’m not married again,” the longtime sex symbol replied regarding the sore split, seven years after she and Salomon annulled a two-month marriage in 2007.

PHOTOS: Pamela Anderson Reveals Rape, Molestation and Gang Rape During Charity Foundation Speech De Generes used a creative analogy regarding the doomed six-month union, telling the blonde bombshell, “It’s like when you put something back in the fridge that’s not good.

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I do that a lot.” After swearing off any possibility of reconciling with ex Tommy Lee in the near future, Anderson made it clear she’s done, for the time, in looking for long-term love.

” PHOTOS: Pamela Anderson Through the Years Asked if she’d wed again, Anderson — who was recently seen with burly tough man Chuck Zito — left things vague, saying, “Who knows?

Pamela Anderson wants her son Dylan Jagger Lee to meet girls the old-fashioned way.

The German star, 43, who refuses to name the prince, told chat show host Jonathan Ross she did not take him up on the offer and another model accepted the bizarre invitation.

Asked by Ross what kind of offers she had during her reign as one of the original supermodels, she said: “Loads of weird ones, but the strangest one was from an Arab prince.“He asked if he could hire me for a dinner for a million pounds.

I declined, and some other supermodel took it.”Claudia also revealed she was “the loser at school”.

She said: “Everyone called me Duck because my bum stuck out and I walked kind of funny because my legs are a bit funny, and I was really tall.“I didn’t have any friends.”And the global star admitted to being shy.

“I am just shy when there are lots of people,” she said.

“I’m OK when we’re just one on one, or maybe four people.

I’m a really, really shy person.”She added that modelling had helped.

“Once I put the make-up on I’d go ‘OK, I can cope’,” she said.

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