Online dating symbols

Smiles, kissing and love hearts make Brits feel loved up; but so do trees, water and people’s hands, according to e uk‘s new psychological study.

Our latest study analysed almost a thousand of photographs of ‘what love means to me’ taken by the British public, to find the imagery and symbols that appear the most often.

However some things people have identified as being symbolic of love in our photography competition are less obvious.

Water for example could represent the calming and serene influence that love can have on us, while trees are often associated with strength and longevity, and for some may symbolise fertility.“And they may not seem it, but hands are one of the most influential parts of the body when it comes to body language.

After all, they are the part of your own body you look at the most, and how someone acts with their hands strongly influences how you feel about them.

They also have associations with wedding and engagement rings, and holding hands is a universal symbol of love.

Hands are an important part of body language and heavily impact how we feel about other people.

They have associations with engagement and wedding rings, and holding hands is a universal symbol of love“Analysis of last year’s Love Captured competition entries demonstrates that ‘love’ takes many forms – with kissing, hugs and even trees all close to the nation’s heart.With Love Captured 2015 – in partnership with leading blood cancer charity Anthony Nolan – open for entries, now is the perfect time to get online and share with the world what love means to you.” The Love Captured photo competition is running until Friday , with a £1,000 prize for the overall winner.Every entry also wins the chance to be publically exhibited as part of the UK’s first giant love-themed printed photo mosaic, created by renowned artist Helen Marshall.To enter visit where you can also view full terms and conditions.Entrants can also enter using Instagram or Twitter, simply by uploading their image and mentioning @e Harmony UK, plus hashtag #Love Captured.When it comes on online dating, I'm rooting for the dudes.

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