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Off camera his assistant fared much worse: roughed up by guards at a Palin rally; detained, cuffed and forced to wear an orange jumpsuit for having the wrong visa.“Our entry was supposed to be discreet and hush-hush,” says Broomfield.

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And yet Broomfield still deeply regrets that he didn’t finally corner his quarry.

“I did spend three months trying to get the interview so it was frustrating.

I actually thought we would pull it off but it was probably naive to think that.

Nick Broomfield once made a film about an S&M parlour in which masochists queued up to be whipped, flayed and generally stomped upon. (showing on More4 on December 27), it’s hard not to wonder whether Broomfield doesn’t suffer from the same kind of pathology.

Surely it takes a masochist to travel to Wasilla, the tight-knit snowbound wellspring of Alaska’s most infamous export, in pursuit of an interview you can tell from the start is never going to happen.

“I didn’t really know that much about her,” the celebrated documentary maker claims in that faux-naif, poker-faced style he has made his trademark.

“I remember being kind of blown away when she got up on that stage with all those kids and gave that rather brilliant speech which seemed to be an enormous breath of fresh air for the Republican Party. The mother had said, ‘You’ll have to go through Todd.’ Going through Todd [Palin’s husband] is like trying to break into Fort Knox.

I don’t think she’d revealed just how horrible she could really be. And then I called again and just happened to get the father who was obviously in a jolly mood and he said, ‘Oh come over now.’ So we did a ski-turn in the snow and zoomed back there at 150 mph.” Palin’s father grows progressively more withdrawn and embarrassed about his goof as it occurs to him that Broomfield might be brewing up a hatchet job.

To that extent I think I had a fairly open mind.” The title of the film refers to the reply Broomfield extracts from Palin when, about three weeks into the shoot, he flies to a book signing in Texas and, filming surreptitiously, requests an interview. In truth, this turns out to be Broomfield’s only option in a town where, it emerges, the Palins divisively regard anyone who is not their friend as their enemy – and only their enemies will talk to him.

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