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Testament Of Youth A lushly romantic film with a strong feminist core, sensitively directed by James Kent, based on the stirring World War I memoir by Vera Brittain.

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Alicia Vikander captures the strong, beautiful spirit of Vera, and Kit Harington is just the right mix of brooding and beautiful to fuel the bittersweet sentiment.

The Little Death Rarely has sexual dysfunction been so hilariously and affectionately portrayed as in this wonderful Australian comedy by Josh Lawson.

Interconnecting couples and their sexual hang-ups weave through.

One is about a girlfriend who has a rape fantasy and her sweet and fumbling boyfriend.

A wife who finds she gets wildly turned on when her husband is crying creates a series of riotous calamities to get her spouse's tear ducts flowing.

A man who accidentally drugs his nagging wife begins to ravish her in her sleep.All these sound vaguely disagreeable but the way this plays out is genuinely funny.Meanwhile a man goes around the neighborhood with a unique way to reveal that he is a registered sex offender.There is a scene near the end about a switchboard operator (Erin James) who has to translate by sign language on video chat between a deaf man (T. Power) and a phone sex line that is so sweetly funny and crazily romantic the film just takes off into the stratosphere.The Wolfpack It's doubtful you'll see a better documentary this year than this sensational film by Crystal Moselle about the Angulo family, living on the Lower East Side, whose tyrannical father has banned his 7 kids (6 boys and 1 small daughter) from leaving their apartment.So the siblings form their own magical world created from movies they love (particularly Quentin Tarantino films), even re-enacting what they have seen with homemade props and costumes.

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