Muslim dating in america

Brother Imam Qasim gives a wonderful presentation to the youth group at Maryam Islamic Center.

New Speeches are presented every Friday at Maryam Islamic Center from 8pm-10pm.

For more information, visit our website: Buy the DVD at This half-hour video features nine teens in a refreshing, first-person look at modern Muslim American youth who illustrate the diversity that is Islam.

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Moderated by Alex Kronemer, one of the producers of PBS's Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet, participants engage in a lively and honest conversation about fitting in, prayer, misunderstandings, dress, fun, drinking, dating, and parents.

The video is intended for use in classrooms, youth groups, and other settings specializing in cultural education.

American Muslim Teens Talk is available for broadcast and educational use.

If interested, please contact us at 1-800-727-2470.

Visit our Website: In this show the Guest gives some good Advice to the Youth who face many challenges now adays this is good for everyone Muslim and Non-muslims and soon to be Muslims Islam Is from the Creator for everyone to follow enjoy Muslims' America Growing up post 9/11 - 1.1 - A special presentation. But for Idrees, when his classmates began calling him a camel jockey, they crossed the line.

In the wake of 9/11, governments and community leaders dealt with the political fallout of the most devastating terrorist attack in US history.But, as VOA's Muslims' America finds out, the social fallout for American Muslim youth was just as devastating.Siawash Azizzada grew tired of people asking him if his grandfather was Osama bin Laden.But, like millions of other Muslim youth, he decided to get back not with his fists, but by showing the world that there is more to Islam than al-Qaeda.Summary: Gary Butterworth VOA News Click Links at end of video for testimonials from: Sh. Abdur-Rahman Murphy Visit for more info on how to get involved and upcoming events Produced by Rayyan Najeeb Special thanks to Eric Stanley for audio.Saqib Ul Isalm, Urdu VOA News, Washington This package highlights the challenges that Muslim American youth is dealing with today, 10 years after 9/11.

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