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These places are all easily accessible by car, so don’t worry about having to travel miles across the country to see these babies.

Believe it or not, the aurora can be spotted in various parts of Victoria, home to the city of Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road.

One such place is Ararat, just a 2.5 hour drive from Melbourne.

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By far the most accessible location to view the glimmering rainbow sky, it is also the rarest as it is further away from the South Pole.

I don’t know about you, but I still think it’s well worth the trip - or at least it’ll be a fun adventure trying to chase down them lights.

Some even become obsessed with the chase, like these Aurora Chasers.

Not forever, but it will be difficult to catch them after May 2016 for at least a decade.

What nobody has told you is that the southern lights exist and you don’t have to travel far from Singapore to see it.

, or southern lights, is like the quiet sister of the popular girl - the less glamorous sibling who often goes unnoticed.

But this is simply because she is far harder to get a glimpse of.

When the spotlight shine on her however, she transforms into a whole different person, dancing with pure grace.

It’s been said that the colours of the southern lights are even more vibrant, with hues of orange, pink, purple and gold. The lights can be seen throughout the year and all over the city with luck on your side.

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