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anything that has the word fatal or elite in it is good for me, but you don't want to make a name that's obvious to the public. i see that name a lot these days...probably like Fatal Army..something..

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" as loud as we could into the mic, with the most retarded slurs we could pull off.

If you continue this tradition, I'll love you forever. Tag TFDWell my clans name is TDWI= The Darkness With In We play on the Xbox360 console.

Hmmmmm well there is plent of them, i personally think the clan is all in the tag, if you have a clean cool tag (and obviously a bit of skill) people will repect you. G x Qx_Ni Nj A_x Qx Here are some that just look cool. Our morrowind (i know it is no multi player game) was called "Defender of Malong", we invented the word Malong. We are almost like a gaming community but more as a brotherhood. We do matches left and right and take off heads without thinking twice we are the ultimate gaming clan on Xbox.

Some of the ones in americas army i like are: Last man standing: tag is x(LMS)x_name^ Team unknown: tag -u Nk.name^ Infinite plague: tag -name.[i] i Nfamous: tag -i Nf.[name]- They are the onews i rekon look the best, i hate the clans that are obsessed with really long tags or tags with lots of @'s and $ etc, just looks lame imo. But if you google the term you realize that it is a name for a "tube skirt". for further info check us out on Facebook (TDWI CLAN) or email us at [email protected] see what were up to.

MM - Memento Mori It means "Remember that you are mortal" in latin. I never heard the term before, but quite funny how less sense our clan name made I also had a Starcraft (1) clan with my school mates, but I do not know how our clan was called. Hey I came up with a bunch of suggestions on my blog, and sort of a method for coming up with names, blogged about it here. looking for commited players that are good and like to have fun while playing the game.

The romans used to have slaves that would walk arouind behind generals during their victory parades and whisper this into their ear so they wouldnt get an ego. At the moment I am clan-free, reason number one: lacking time ... the guy that said his clan name meant "tube skirt" when googling, but you only knew that after the fact because you made up a word - that was pretty humorous. we only have 4 members right now and want to grow the clan.

I think it's better to chose the tag first, then the name, and write them in an interesting way. I'm not really suggesting these and I'm just submiting them for inspiration for people who are. I remember when I chose one of the first nicknames I used online a lot, circa 2000, I had basically picked two words at random out of the dictionary (puritan incubus? I would tell them what I just wrote here, but I was really always thinking "I don't f*ckin' know what it means!! i dont want a big clan but maybe like 15 members would be perfect.

Quake provides name-colors; you can write with your national flag, or the logo of your logo (if you have one) For exemple: ONR : well Halo 3 comes out in the autumn in the UK.. SG|(Nick Name) Many different imba clan name to chose from Have Fun Hey guys saw this topic was popular so I made an account but anyway my point is that I made a clan called. and we are always looking For members so if you wan to join message me on Xbox live at. I used to play Empire Earth a lot and I was a clan leader for a clan named the Bloodstained Clan. If you make it to the clan you have to have a mic and change your nameto x Xx FATE at the end and its your choise to put whatever you want at the beggining.

apparently but what really cool is the Halo 3 multi player beta that going to be run in the spring!! Something like this: The Sick Bastards [Fun Clan] Beware of Terror Bewarer of Light Burst Of Aggresion Death In Excess Council Of Valhalla [Viking Clan? TTAOxx PATRIARCH Thanks Right i'm starting a new Xbox/360 clan and I'm really stck on what to call it, as I have no imagintion whatsoever I'd thought i'd leave this for you guys to decide. You could use as long of a tag as you wanted, so we used [Bloodstained] in a really cool script. if you want to join just hit me uo with a message on here or add me on xbox live and message me.

and u can get onto that by Buying Crackdown on 360 or signing up for it All bad names. ] or Allice Cooperation ;] My clan name is: The Unique Immortal Units - u]i[u^Aardvark! Ro D|(Nick Name) BABV = Be Alive Be Viciouse ( DOnt know if right spelled) BABV! For those who don't know about clans it has to be 3 words-ish and also have a prefix/tag which is the initials & i was think of FYI [not for ur information ]Im thinkin of starting a clan called H1DD3N wot do u think of the clan name and do u have any names for after H1DD3N aswell and if u wood like to join say u wood on this forum Also wot do u think of H1DD3N TALENT X My clan was x OWWx Oops We Won, but its dead now, but everytime we won we would yell Oops We WON!! I've always liked animal-themed clan names, like something along the lines of Wolf Pack.

[ my nick and the clan tag]I've always been member of the Dutch Gaming Alliance, but it kinda died out. Or if we lost we would sometimes say it to make em anngry! And if you do, carry on the tradition or whatever u wanna call it.

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