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Dating back to at least the 17th century, roulette has a long and colourful history.There are many variations of the game that have come from around the world and playing roulette online now gives players the opportunity to enjoy a range of these games right from the comfort of their own homes.The rules of the game are simple to learn and the fact that it is a game of luck makes it appeal to all types of players.

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By learning the rules of the game, understanding the odds of the different variations and bets in the game and by familiarising yourself with the terms and game buttons you can enjoy this roulette online game along with many others.

While spinning games were played as far back as the Greco-Roman period, the game of roulette as we know it probably originated from 17th century Italy with a game known as Hoca.

This game, together with the 17th century English game of E-O introduced the concept of a spinning table with a ball that lands in a numbered slot.

The modern day variation of French roulette was already played in the late 18th century and this was around the same time as American roulette was developed.

Today, there are many more variations of roulette available and this is largely due to the accessibility created by online casinos.

Roulette moved online in 1994 when the first online casino was launched and today players can find whole suites of roulette variations to choose from.

There are also variations that are unique to online gaming.

These online roulette games can be played for free in the fun mode of the casino or for real money in the real money mode of the casino.

Back To Top Roulette is popular for its fast action, random nature and simple rules.

The aim of the game is to correctly bet on the number or group of numbers that the little white ball will come to land on when the spinning roulette wheel comes to rest.

To begin the online roulette game, players must place their bets and are able to place bets on more than one outcome.

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