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Bruce Larson of Nielsville, Minn., stands by the doorway of a small functional church he built in Nielsville, Minn., June 26, 2010.

The structure in Sundet Cemetery about four miles northwest of Nielsville could be the smallest functional church in the world. Shane Mercer) The 6-foot-square exterior of the little white chapel translates into 4,032.25 square inches of interior floor space.

That's 767.75 square inches less than a queen-size bed, 1,272.13 less than the bed of a 2010 Chevy Silverado 1500 pickup, and almost 350 square inches bigger than a Twister game mat.

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"Oh, it's great," said Larson's mother-in-law, Adeline Gudvangen.

"It's precious." "Precious" is a good word for the cute chapel and its serene locale.

The quiet cemetery is surrounded by peaceful, green farmland.

Wood shingles cover a steeple that rises to a height of about 19 feet and lifts a cross into the air above the tidy little piece of craftsmanship.

Small gothic-style windows grace both sides of the church.

"I always wanted something out here," said the 67-year-old Larson as he stood in Sundet Cemetery.

With four generations of his family buried there, including his father and twin brother, it's a place close to his heart.

Larson sees the chapel as a "memorial for the homesteaders who settled this area." So it's fitting that the two one-person pews inside the church have a link to days gone by.

They're made from a single church pew that dates from 1892.

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