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This right can be exercised by mail addressed to Liligo Metasearch Technologies, 9 rue Rougemont, 75009 Paris, France. We make the commitment not to sell or to communicate (to third parties) the email addresses, which are in our ownership without the preliminary agreement of the interested.

The data base of this information was the object of a declaration at the C. For any additional information concerning the treatment of personal information, notably during the participation in Beta-tests, we recommend you to read our section on the respect for the «private life», which is an integral part of the present conditions and that you expressly declare to have read and accepted.

You refrain to use the service only for private purposes and for non-profit-making, without hindering or trying to hinder the functioning and in the respect for the present conditions.

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You refrain to reproduce, to copy, to sell, to resell or to exploit in a commercial purpose –whatever it is- any pert of the service, any usage of the service, or any access right to the service.

You make a commitment to guarantee and to indemnify Liligo Metasearch Technologies as well as its sister companies or affiliates, its representatives, its employees, its shareholders, its suppliers and partners, against any damage, complaint or demand emanating from third parties as a consequence of the violation of your part of the Terms of service; or the violation of the rights of others or the law and order.

This guarantee covering the compensations, which would possibly be paid, as well as the lawyer fees and the legal costs in a reasonable limit.

The present Terms of service (« Conditions ») establish a contract between the user and Liligo Metasearch Technologies, whose HQ is 9 rue Rougemont, 75009 Paris, France (« The Company », « Liligo Metasearch Technologies », « Liligo »,”us”, “our” as the case may be).

The company runs the web sites (« the Site ») and travelling search engine (collectively « the Service »).

The conditions such as defined below, of which the Charter of respect for privacy is an integral part, define all the relations between you and the Service, and the simple usage and/or consultation of the service imply, in an automatic and unconditional way, your full and whole acceptance of all the conditions of utilisation.

Liligo Metasearch Technologies reserves the right to modify at any time the present Conditions, without neither advanced notice nor compensations. This Service allows you to look for products and available services in the field of the journey (such as plane tickets), proposed by third companies (“Providers”), according to the search criteria which you specify on

From your search criteria, sends your request to several providers susceptible to offer products and services corresponding to your criteria, and communicates the search results in form of a list of these performances found by, which are the most relevant as possible.

Every result proposed by is accompanied by a deep hypertext link pointing towards the web site of the provider.

By clicking on this link, you are redirected towards this web site, on which you can directly book the product or chosen service.

According to the law n°78-17 of January 6th, 1978, said Computing Law and Freedom, you have the right of opposition, access, modification and deletion of all personal data brought to the knowledge of Liligo Metasearch Technologies during the use of the service. under the number 1145403 in the name of Liligo Metasearch Technologies.

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