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I have always found him nothing less than ungracious and thoroughly unpleasant.

But, come an attractive woman, and he miraculously transforms into a gushing nincompoop.

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In most other countries, there tends to be some cross-gender interaction.

In such situations here, however, the males and females often chat amongst themselves, style, the former usually about football, sex, and/or – if they are a little more sophisticated – property (one often even sees tables with the men all seated at one end and the women all at the other).

It’s as if the men are saying to their better deal than the women.

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Okay, I wear glasses, and don’t do drugs or ride a Harley, and I call my mother a little too often . But when the next woman (and the one after that) confirmed , greeting another male with a bear-hug so tight that he feels his ribcage being crushed, or a handshake consisting of a vertical slap and then shake so strong that he has the sensation that his eyeballs are being forced out of their sockets.

but I am into Dylan and punk and footie (I am sure I could think of more things, given time).

Straight Israeli men also often greet each other with a kiss, something virtually unheard of where I come from.

But such demonstrative displays – interestingly, performed most by the very types who I get into regular trouble for referring to as “monkeys” (“apes” for the even more challenged) – clearly don’t run very deep, perhaps being the remnant of some macho army bonding thing.

And they tend to be the very limit of your average Israeli man’s emotional range.

Witnessing the behaviour of an Israeli male around an attractive female is somewhat akin to watching one of those /kiosk, on Rothschild Boulevard, for instance.

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