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Don't let any law enforcers reach the graffiti on the center of the roof in PANIC ROOM from the SECURE THE ROOF objective until the ESCAPE objective on hard or OVERKILL difficulty.

To complete this challenge, you will have to have played the heist from the start.

In PANIC ROOM, kill all armed thugs in and around the apartment building within 60 seconds of you and your crew drawing your weapons.

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They should be taken hostage, as they sometimes count as civilians, and can easily be found.

Assault waves Throughout the game, occasionally your contact will say "An assault is coming in X seconds." Listen carefully to what he says.

It is a hint of special units coming in, and when the assault will begin.

Each wave lasts for approximately five minutes, depending on how many officers you kill.

If you need to complete a time consuming objective, such as making sure the saws in the Panic Room are going, camp somewhere near there so you can hold out easier and get the job completed.

Note: Some missions have "escape" objectives, which means the wave will never end until you either complete the mission or die.You will know when this happens depending on the mission and what the contact yells.Special enemies There are numerous special enemies that can be difficult to kill.You can see them and defeat them more easily by using the shout-out command while aiming at them.Here are some of the enemies and what they do: Bulldozer: Large bulky enemies covered in thick armor.They do massive damage if they get too close and require a lot of bullets to kill. Spec-Ops: Agents wearing green night-vision goggles. They will handcuff you to the floor if they get too close. (Bronze): Beat a heist on normal difficulty or above, having killed a Bulldozer without taking damage from any Bulldozer.

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