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On-premises versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM use two kinds of update technology: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Setup update, also known as self-healing Setup, makes sure that you have the latest version of Setup.

By using this feature, you can update the Setup program, before it installs anything on the computer, for the following CRM applications: Microsoft Dynamics CRM regularly publishes updates in a package format that is a collection of software updates.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM (on-premises) is engineered to use Microsoft Update, a service that can automatically download and install updates to Microsoft applications, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Reporting Extensions, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Report Authoring Extension, Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Language Pack, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Email Router.

During installation or upgrade of a Microsoft Dynamics CRM application, Setup asks whether you want to opt in, which sets Microsoft Update to apply automatic updates.

If you don’t want to apply automatic updates during Setup, you can enable this feature later by turning on automatic updates in the Windows Update area of Control Panel.

While giving a Power Point presentation my Vista laptop decided to install new updates and I had to keep cancelling the ‘Shutting down in 10 minutes’ message box, which was very annoying.

How can I exercise more control over the downloading and installation of Windows updates and stop this happening in the future?

Security Centre and under Manage Security Settings click Automatic Updates and select ‘Notify but don’t automatically download…’.

You will be prompted in install updates after boot-up but you can decide to do it when it is convenient.

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With Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016, you have several options that help make your deployment run optimally, reliably, and securely.

In most situations where Microsoft Dynamics CRM is running in a production environment, we recommend that you apply the latest update for all CRM applications shortly after the update becomes available.

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