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A/N: Written for the summer fest at hg_silverlining, as a fill for the following prompt: The Weasley brothers have a good talk with Harry and set rules for him about dating their sister. He likes Harry, and I know he hasn't got a problem with Harry and Ginny seeing each other in 'that way.' Which explains why he didn't… Bill, I think, was just being overprotective of her—he's always been that way, but since Ginny's first year, it's become even more obvious.

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Charlie had a bit of that overprotective thing going on, too (he kept muttering about protecting Ginny's virtue, which is more than just a little bit hypocritical, coming from him), but I reckon there was also a bit of vengeance. Some of us knew how to be intelligent and let the two of them work it out on their own, though. I had to help a little, but that's just because Harry and Ginny are two of the most thick-headed people I've ever met. He was dead set on showing Harry what's what when it comes to our little sister.

You know, an eye for an eye or something equally idiotic. Didn't help that Fred had died fighting for Harry, either.

Not that Charlie blames Harry for that—he knows where the blame belongs.

But I think it's always kind of there, niggling in the back of his mind, you know? He's never been an easy one to read, and ever since Fred's death, it's got even harder. I think it might've partially been a misguided sense of duty, like he was trying to make up for abandoning the family in favour of the Ministry and just generally being an arse for the better part of two years.

See, Harry and Ginny had come home to The Burrow for one of Mum's command performance Sunday dinners, and since it was a 'command performance,' everyone had come.

Mum had asked the girls—Hermione, Fleur, and Ginny—to help in the kitchen and shooed the rest of us (in other words, the men), out into the garden to set up tables and chairs.(Which, really, Mum needs to stop doing that, because now I'm going to have to listen to Hermione rant at me about witches' rights and how witches are just as capable of setting up tables as wizards are.Like I don't already know she can do anything she sets her mind to.Merlin’s pants.) I'll give them one thing: the gits showed a little bit of intelligence and waited until they were away from the kitchen window and out of the line of sight before they did it. So there we were, out in the back garden, and we had the tables set and everything looked like it would pass Mum's inspection. He just looked…confident…and completely unsurprised. I just shook my head and watched the confrontation going on in front of me. "So, did the fact that I not only escaped from Gringotts but also stole something from there slip your mind, Bill?Because I'm pretty sure Mum loves Harry as if he were her own flesh and blood, and she's got very strict ideas about how you treat family… Well, Harry and I, we started walking back to the house so we could help in the kitchen. Look, I just wanted to have a conversation with Hermione that didn't involve any complaints about my mother. It would've looked out of place on the old Harry—the Harry I went to school with and grew up with. Harry still looked relaxed, but Bill's fists were starting to clench. " He shook his head and gave Bill a condescending look. I don't know if you realize this, but Ginny is very perceptive.And if helping in the kitchen for a few minutes would distract Hermione from Mum's horribly sexist ideas, well… He crossed his arms and leaned against one of the tables and didn't look anything like a bloke who was about to take on four (well, really three because, as I said before, George wasn't a part of this and I'm already firmly on Harry's side in this matter) of his girlfriend's older brothers. I took a step forward, just to kind of calm things down, but Harry shook his head at me so I stopped. "I expected better from you, really." Then Harry did something that was either really brave or really stupid and turned his back on Bill, leaving him sputtering while he tried to find something to say. "If I don't promise to stay away from your sister, you're going to feed me to your dragons, right? She knows things, and she obviously knew something was going on. There is one more thing, though," I said, turning back to the hanging trio.

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