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They do everything they can just to prove to themselves that they can get the girl.But once she shows interest and he actually gets her, he doesn’t have anything to prove anymore.His fear of commitment kicks in and his first instinct is to run.

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Guys who need the ego boost of a new conquest are insecure.

They lose interest when a girl shows interest because on some level they feel unworthy.

They need to go chase after another girl to feel worthy again.

Want to know why guys lose interest so quickly early on in the relationship? Q: I’m 33 and keep attracting the same kinds of guys who pursue me for about a month and seem really into me, but then all of sudden they disappear.

It seems like these guys just lose interest after the chase.

So my question is why do men lose interest so quickly?

How can I keep a guy interested for longer than a few dates? Here’s the typical scenario: a new guy you’re dating comes on really strong right out the gate.

You might not even be that into him at first, but he pursues you with vigor.

When you finally start to have feelings for him, he loses interest and pulls away. Why do men who seemed really interested after the first few dates suddenly disappear on you? The first thing to address is the thrill of the chase.

Guys Who Lose Interest After The Chase Guys are programmed to love the chase.

They get a rush any time a new woman finds them attractive, funny, smart, and irresistible.

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