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(Don’t be fooled – I get up every day at 6am to make Mark breakfast!) I have often wondered what is it that is so attractive about our Instagram for the people who follow.The aesthetic I get, but I like to think that people also like story – a couple coming together every day, just for a moment, to sit and eat before going to work. This is why we wanted to do this event with Guardian Soulmates.

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I have found my soul mate on this site..happily in love and planning our "perfect wedding" early next year. He is the man of my dreams, my better half, the answer to my prayer..

We are deeply in love and feel we are on the same path in life and we are really doing this.

It's been a beautiful journey and we are more than happy to have found each other...

After the success of our first event in July with Guardian Soulmates (which was nominated for an award at the UK Dating Awards!

) we’ll be hosting another breakfast speed date on Saturday 28th November.

This time at a more leisurely pace, we’ll be at Cafe Rouge opposite St Paul’s.Ladies tickets have already sold out, but there are a handful of tickets for the men available here Below is a repost of the piece I wrote for the Guardian back in July, about why Symmetry Breakfast x Guardian Soulmates is a perfect partnership.When I met Mark in 2012, it was a very different scenario to how you see our relationship today through Instagram.We met at East Bloc on City Road, an incredibly sweaty underground gay club.I was outside smoking and Mark came over, thinking he was so smooth with the phrase, “Hey, are you having a good evening? ” I don’t remember being that impressed by his intro, but I ended up taking him home within a few hours. The next day, while seriously trying to impress, I remembered he was Dutch and I quickly made pancakes before he potentially ran away, never to be seen again. (This stuff is the Bernard’s Watch of the Netherlands and can potentially stop any Dutch person in their tracks.) I had no idea when we sat on my sofa that morning that I would see him again.Three years on, Symmetry Breakfast has grown beyond our expectations and is something we gloat over daily, but it also reminds us that the rest of the time, a relationship is seriously hard work.

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