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The Marriage & Divorce Records section of your report will contain information on if the person was married and records about the marriage. "I am a retired police officer and let me tell you that the information that you have you could only access if you were in law enforcement.

It will also contain information on if the person was divorced and details about the divorce case.

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This is a list of bog bodies in order of the country in which they were discovered.

Bog bodies, or bog people are the naturally preserved corpses of humans and some animals recovered from peat bogs.

The bodies have been most commonly found in the Northern European countries of Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and Ireland.

Reports of bog bodies surfaced during the early 1700s.

The Arden Woman was found in the Bredmose bog in the Parish of Store Arden, Hindsted, Denmark.

Police said the corpse was found in a 'question mark' shape.

After the remains were completely unearthed they were moved into a nearby barn.

Her hair was dark blond and was drawn into two pigtails and coiled around the top of her head. Because she was found with several sticks on top of the body, it may have been possible that she had been pinned down in the bog to keep her remains from surfacing.

Over the hair was a bonnet, which was made using a sprang technique. The bog body was lying face down at a depth of two feet on a base of birch bark.

Unlike some bog bodies, she was found with other garments. In the immediate vicinity were birch branches, directly on the body of three approximately 10-centimeter-long birch poles of the same thickness. The right leg was broken ten inches below the knee, which was caused by the weight of peat on the body.

The body was naked, but the lower body and legs were covered by a cloak made of a four layered twill fabric and by a fringed shawl.

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