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The chief appeal was being able to pay for flights without having to dip into my Canadian bank account.

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Registering on Alipay First, you'll need to create an Alipay account. Click on the clear button in the middle of the screen: 立即注册 (, sign up). The default signup process uses the customer's mobile number, but we want the screen with email signup. Click the grey button underneath to receive a verification code on your mobile. Enter the captcha code and click on the orange button.

This is fiendishly complicated because the regular process requires a . Click on the blue link below the orange button (see above). Select your country – your nationality, not the country you live in. From here on out, all screenshots are from Alipay's website; I've continued to annotate them where appropriate. Again, your name must be entered exactly as it was registered to your account. I started following it at 7.30 this morning; it took me about an hour to get everything right (google translate did help a lot too).

While helping a colleague set up her account, I had to chat with three different customer service reps to clarify the process for foreigners. Enter your email address and the captcha code shown in blue. If you read Chinese, see Alipay's own guide on verification for foreigners. Select your bank and the city that you opened your account in. Within 1-2 days, Alipay will wire a small amount of money to your bank account (under RMB 1). You can now use Alipay to pay for flights and other nifty things on websites like e Long or directly through the Alipay app. At 9am I received the payment on my bank account for verification.

Enter the bank card number and click on the orange button. Most users receive a SMS when money is deposited to their account; transaction history can also be checked at an ATM or a bank counter. When you have the deposit amount, log into Alipay and click 未认证 on the homepage again. And at 5pm I got an email from Alipay congratulating me for passing the "treasure pay authentication"!

Here's what it looks like again: You'll see this screen: Click on the orange button that says 输入大款金额 (, enter transferred amount). Thank you so very much, Sisi Chen, for your help I tried this process three times.

The first time I guess the application wasn't fully submitted due to some Alipay website gliche.

The second and third times I got an email saying that the bank deposit/transfer failed (hence the 3rd time since I tried a different bank).

Unfortunately, Taobao/Alipay doesn't have an English speaking service (my own fault for not being able to speak Mandarin).

Eventually, I called the other two banks and was told that I needed to go to a branch with my passport and have them enable the service that allows me to use my Union Pay debit card with Taobao.

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