who is rachael yamagata dating - Disable dating online without registeration

There are sites covering virtually every topic and offering advice or information on almost any problem you may have.

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It provides them with a variety of individuals with whom they can share thoughts and feelings about various issues, and possibly devise coping strategies in times of stress.

The Internet provides a wonderful shield of anonymity and when a disabled person starts out on a site like this, they have the opportunity to engage in an animated discussion, or perhaps even a flirtation, with a member of the opposite sex, without feeling inhibited by his/her disability.

These sites provide them the ability to start out as two normal individuals, exploring the fun aspects of online dating and flirting, in a safe and non-threatening environment.

It starts with the byline, "there are 80 adult members whispering online now", which imparts a delightful feeling of wanting to share the secret!

And over 20,000 registered members, which provides a great deal of variety.

An extensive site, which offers comprehensive services from disabled employment and dating services to discussion forums, chat rooms and message boards.

There are unique features like the ‘Top Ten’ under various categories like ‘Newest Members’, ‘Most Viewed, ‘Most Active’ and ‘Most Buddy Listed’ including a ‘Spotlight Male/Female’.

There is variety and humour offered in the form of disabled travel, arts, dating horror stories and dating etiquette.

endeavours to provide the millions of disabled people worldwide, dependent on their computer for communication and entertainment, the ability to share experiences online, arrange meetings and build local and worldwide relationships, in a secure environment.

The site aims to include an entertainment section, an information resource with links to relevant agencies and in the near future, offer a wealth of global information regarding specialized holidays, transport, health & safety, accommodation, legal issues and work etc.

As one member says, "Unlike other Disabled Dating sites, I like that this one does not force you to select an illness when you register.

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