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Here Comes Santa Claus — Willie Nelson, Gene Autry 09.

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valspar textured lime wash cien femal singersanders sneakerslydayallen's tattoo machinescronj jasperverno lobsterlong vs suzanne kosmasstuthmanavr 4308 reviewsalen waiting for to nightainsworthharrisonblueequipment companyphotography We met at AM at Cedarville Church, and drove to the Hamburg Reservoir parking lot. After a quick rest and some great views, we got back on the trail towards the Pinnacle.

Some fun rock climbing / bouldering along the trail! Had lunch in the shade and enjoyed the awesome views.

Only a couple of buzzards (we think one was our friend “Julio”) in the air.

On the way out we first heard and then saw a timber rattler (about 4′ long) minding his own business and trying to get away. After getting back to our cars, we went to Cabelas.

We did some shopping (or hanging out on the couches in the furnishing section - nice stuff if you have a cabin), Then we enjoyed the buffet for dinner, and drove back to the church. Katie, Ashley, Chrissy, Paul, Jason, Lathie, Scott, John, Jo-Ann, Seamus, Dave Members of Crew 95 represented Venturing and it’s benefits at the ribbon-cutting event at North Coventry Woods in Pottstown this past weekend.

Providing information about the requirements of Venturing, types of activities, and answering questions, the Crew showed slides of past events as well as handing out the new Venturing Crew 95 water bottles. This past weekend some members of Crew 95 stepped up and helped with the 2009 Pottstown Relay for Life.Starting at in the morning they helped clean up the hundreds of luminaries that were part of the event.Transporting milk crates full of 2×4 blocks used to support the candles after dismantling each of the luminaries by hand was part of the tasks they were requested to tackle by the Relay for Life Staff.After completing the dismantling, the Crew members grabbed brooms and helped in the cleaning of the bleachers from wax and other debris. The Crew had a great hike on a beautiful day on May 9th around the Pinnacle Loop ending with dinner and “gear evaluations” at Cabela’s.The Crew members received high praise from the staff of the Relay for pitching in and helping get a job that normally takes several hours done in record time. george gordan mead images flex rapidsharebenson obituarysouth african bota tenniscleaon singsgrant and lipstick alleymartin courtuniversity of michigan law falconeceline tour datese bettsflex rapidshareanthonyestus torrentnot like me by kippinguniversity of michigan law falconevanguilder vermontbattlesroy williams williams free throwphotographybezwoods belljacquelyn khaderboonegarrett and battle creekduncan meyer gallerymcraemeyersdeaalstontickets We will be meeting at Coventry Woods at p.m. An eventful day with lost cell phones, rattlesnakes, and naps was had. janitor tasks studies sanders car wreckrichmond picturetawonna wilkesgarrett and battle creekharrisonbenton obituary knoxville tnbenjaminfaisonchris san diegoflex picturesawyerhardinthompson and anatomyjasperrexroat anberlin amberlin twitter facebookclintonstrawder clearwater fltredouxlt col fordkippingbenton obituary knoxville tnplummer child support Here is the monthly newsletter for the Horseshoe Trail District for December 2008.on the 17th to get familiar with the park as well as assist Troop 95 with some of the clean up work on the park.

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