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People think of the word “NO” as a negative and fear that using it will jeopardize a friendship or that their friends will think them selfish.

Some women fear they will be left out of the group if they say “NO” or that their friends will think they are uncaring or lazy.

Women tend to be people-pleasers and agree to avoid confrontation and keep the peace.

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If you can change your attitude about requests from friends to thinking “NO,” before you say– “Yes, sure I’ll do that for you.

No problem” –your life will be a lot less complicated and pressured.

It helps create Saying “Yes” creates anxiety and stress and, in extreme cases, depression.

Well at this point, the guy realizes that you really like him, he has you, and he’s no longer worried that he could lose you to another guy.

At this point, things are probably starting to get comfortable- you make plans regularly, you’re in contact more frequently, and a relationship seems just around the corner.

Now while you might start getting really excited by this prospect, this particular guy has probably gotten freaked out.

At this point, he’s afraid that everything he said in the beginning has led you to believe that you guys are a couple and he starts acting in a way that shows you this is not the case.

He cancels plans, he goes MIA for days at a time, he acts distant.

At the root of it, the same sense of insecurity that made the guy obsessed with finding out if you like him is now scaring him into thinking that you’re going to “take his freedom away.” Generally speaking, most guys have a fear of being “trapped” in a relationship, but in this particular scenario you’re dealing with a guy who’s actions are especially dictated by avoiding unpleasant situations as a primary motivator.

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