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Well types In many areas of the country, finding potable water is as easy as getting out a shovel and digging a hole in the ground.

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And because a deep well means that the water has to be lifted farther, the strategies for moving it change.

Shallow-well pumps These days, the most common pump for a shallow well is a jet pump.

Jet pumps are mounted above the well, either in the home or in a well house, and draw the water up from the well through suction (see Single-Drop Jet-Pump System diagram on next page).

If you live in a town or city, you probably don't give much thought to how the water you use each day gets to your house.

Even small villages often provide a network of supply pipes that transport water to each home in the neighborhood.

All you need to know is how to open the tap at the sink.

Move a few miles out of town and the picture can change.

While the inner workings are still—thankfully—invisible, your water supply is independent from the neighbor's down the road.

Each home has its own well from which to draw water.

More than that, each home has its own electromechanical system for getting the water from the well to the house.

At the heart of each system is a pump, and the most common types are jet pumps and submersible pumps.

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