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The new shelter can house 10 -14 families depending on the family size.

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Michael Saint Clair donated $10,000 to the club after watching the Judge Mathis Show.

During the show a girl was suing her mother for scholarship money.

The girl argued the mother had stolen the money she’d received from her local Boys and Girls Club. RIO DELL - The Rio Dell City Council will meet Tuesday to discuss a special bottled water proposal by Councilmember Thompson.

EUREKA - Rockport has not changed their plans to close three skilled nursing facilities in Eureka, and the state only has a few more days to respond.

Rockport Healthcare Services wants to voluntarily close Pacific, Seaview, and Eureka Rehabilitation and Wellness Centers.

State Department of Public Health rejected Rockport's initial plan. HUMBOLDT COUNTY - It's more than seven weeks to election day, and some voters will soon have their ballots.Humboldt County boasts 452 military and overseas voters.Election officials are required to send their ballots no fewer than forty-five days to the election.These are the only ballots that can be legally emailed but must be returned via mail or fax. EUREKA - A fire broke out in a vacant Eureka building.This is the second fire in three months at this same location.Around this morning, smoke and flames were seen coming from the long-abandoned North Coast Rail Authority office building at 2EUREKA - Betty Chinn’s new shelter for the homeless is being delayed in opening due to missing materials, but should be up and running within 10 days.

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