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Jeremy Corbyn addressed the weary troops and hailed the Tory U-turn on tax credits – greeted with polite, if not loud, applause; he slagged off this “obdurate and remote Government”; and raised the plight of steelworkers seeing their battered industry suffer.

With a party leadership mired in record low polls, regularly accused of being too focused on nuclear disarmament rather than tackling voters' everyday concerns, and serious questions about the strategy for the weekly showdown that is Prime Minister's Questions, deciding to lecture hardworking backbenchers on campaign messaging can be described as a bold move. “I'm sorry, some of us were out campaigning in January trying to make sure we got our message over. “Europe was meant to be the theme on Saturday,” railed one MP.

“What about 'we must have message discipline' then? To call it simplistic doesn't begin to describe how base it was.” A former frontbencher sarcastically described the meeting as “f****** marvellous”.

They added: “Poor Jon drew the short straw and had to read out this presentation.

They are even bringing popcorn these days, such is the blockbuster nature of Labour MPs' weekly get-together.

The Monday night summits used to be such dull affairs.

But now Parliamentary Labour Party meetings are pure box office.To prove it, one peer strolled down the Committee Room Corridor munching on the popular cinema snack gleefully saying to waiting journalists: “I'm literally bringing popcorn with me!” Earlier, a middle-aged chap carrying a plastic bag bearing the words “FRUITCAKE” was hoping to find “Angela”.“I'm looking for Angela, I'm here to drop the bread off – I'm the baker,” he said.Read more: Labour investigates claims teenage members were bullied during election of top youth rep He was allowed into the oak-panelled Room 14 and emerged a few moments later, his bag presumably a bit lighter.That, it is fair to say, was the night's high point for the party.

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