Dating an ex boyfriend tips

I’m sure you’ve heard people say warnings like, “He’s called an ex for a reason.” While I agree that most exes should not get ever get back together, I have to say that sometimes, it’s okay to break that rule.

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julija dating - Dating an ex boyfriend tips

So, before you dive into these tips, make sure this is something you really, really want. Of course you're going to want to get back together after only one week.

Wait a little bit and see if you still feel the same way after a few weeks.

Trying to rekindle your romance right away isn't going to give either of you the time to think things over and figure out what you really want.

Waiting is especially important if he broke up with you - he will definitely need time then.

Source: Shutter Stock Before you make a move, try to find out if your ex is even interested in getting back together with you.

If you haven't spoken to him in a while, try to feel out the situation by checking out what he's been up to online or asking mutual friends how he is.

If your mutual friends are pretty insistent on not trying anything, that's a big hint that he's moved on and they just don't want to tell you. You probably don't want to get involved in that mess. If you think it's an issue that can be fixed, try to fix it.

Source: Shutter Stock Once you decide to go for it, start out slowly. It may seem manipulative, but really, it will show him that you're really trying. But if it's something really big, like one of you not being able to forgive the other one for cheating, you may not be ready yet.

Don't jump into things by showing up at his house and making a huge declaration of love - those things usually only work in the movies. Plus, if you feel like you look good, you'll feel more confident and comfortable. Source: Shutter Stock Admitting you were wrong and apologizing isn't always the easiest thing to do, but it's really important, especially if you're trying to get an ex back.

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